Precision 8-14' Screed

Product Specifications

Call 423-286-6360 or email for pricing and availability.

All 8- to 14-foot Precision screeds have heated and optional vibrating extensions. Screeds are fully adjustable (vertical and angle of attack). All machines come standard with full floating end gates

* 8- to 14 foot extendible screed
* Propane or electric screed heat
* Extension screed angle of attack 
   and vertical adjustment
* Main and extension screed
   replaceable wear plates
* +/- 2 inch crown adjustment
* Folding main screed walk
* Main screed vibrator (optional
   extension vibrators)
* Full floating end gates with
   side or top handle jacks
* Replaceable end gate runner
* Optional bolt-on 4-inch rise
    berm attachments
* Optional 12-inch bolt-on
   screed extensions

​Call 423-286-6360  for pricing and availability ​or email for pricing and availability.

Precision 8-12' Screed

Product Specifications

Precision Screeds 
Our commercial screeds offer the safety, comfort and options of a highway-class screed.  You have a choice of electric heat (utilizing an all new heat management system which allows for faster heat time) or propane/oil heat (using only one third of the propane of the typical propane screed).