The New Generation Paving Products, LLC. PSW-1000 is an adaptable screed. The PSW-1000 is designed for a wide range of applications. Full electric heat across all of the screed plate surfaces ensures proper plate temperatures while paving. Current screed configurations all include variable speed vibration, and hydraulic slope of extensions. All extendable screeeds have chrome extension slide guides with composite slide bushings for long life in any enviroment and are equipped with standard slope to a minimum of 14 percent.

PSW-1000 Cam-Loc Configuration:

The PSW-1000 Cam-Loc screed configuration is built for fixed width paving from 10' (3M) to 24' (7.3M) without the use of external support. The fixed width extensions are attached to the main frame with support pins and extensions are locked to the main frame pins by a cam-loc lever. The cam-loc lever eliminates the need for tools to lock or un-lock the extensions. Extensions are available in 2 widths; the 24"(LH or RH specific) is available with or without integral crown control, and the 12" (LH or RH specific). All extensions are fully heated, and vibration extension from the main frame units is available for full width vibration.

PSS-1000 Strike-off Screed:

The PSS-1000 screed is equipped with hydraulic extendable strike-off extensions. The Strike off can be configured with a simple vertical plate, or small mini shoe; heat is available on the small mini shoe. The hydraulic extensions have manual vertical, and angle of attack adjustments and have a full extended length of 40" per side for a maxium width of 16.8".


PSW Interstate Series Screeds
by New Generation Paving Products, LLC 

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