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With beginnings in paver parts and custom screeds, New Generation Paving Products has been known to provide reliable screeds, parts and repair work for contractors around the country. But what’s currently rolling down a new manufacturing line is a new type of product that has been highly requested by customers – pavers. The ProTec 5800 Cart Path Commercial Paver, which first hit the road this past October, is the first paver of its class manufactured by New Generation Paving Products. 

With all the changes in the paving industry, Steve Jeffers, owner and founder of New Generation, saw the importance of providing customers a source of consistency through reliable equipment and dependable service. As the company has grown in the past few years as a one-stop source for contractors’ paving needs, the inclusion of their own brand of pavers was a natural development. When loyal customers started requesting pavers from New Generation, they responded "The paver is an important step in our product line that we are developing to give contractors a choice when it comes to their paver and support equipment lines.” 

After a year of research and development, the ProTec 8800CCommercial Paver has finally made its debut. The ProTec 8800C joins New Generation’s family of equipment that includes: the ProTec 5800 Cart Path Paver, ProTec TT 300 Tack Distributor, and a variety of commercial Precision and Interstate highway class screeds.

The design of the ProTec 8800C Commercial Paver focuses on safety and ease of use. New Generation looked at a list of short comings that we have heard about from contractors in regards to other brands of pavers, and we focused on making these areas better.

The paver has many notable features including: a large 8-ton hopper capacity, easily accessible parts, fewer wear parts, and fewer required adjustments. Because the paver is lower in profile than other pavers of its class, contractors will find the visibility to be better. Another common paver issue that was addressed and corrected was the center of balance of the machine. New Generation knows that imbalanced pavers can result in poor paving, so they engineered their paver to be very well balanced, ensuring a smoother ride and longer track life – both contributing to better paving performance. Contractors can expect quality, workability, and reliability from the 8800.

Given the strength of the New Generation name, the new paver is receiving a lot of attention and the company is getting more orders than they can fill at this point. The company plans on being methodological in both the production and distribution of the pavers. “We hope to take our time in rolling out the new paver. We will make sure the equipment performs to our standards before sending it out around the country,” says Jeffers.

The company attributes its success to strong products, excellent customer service, and the support of their contractors. “We’re a small business so every customer is very important to us,” says Jeffers.

Though the company is “taking things one machine at a time,” future plans include manufacturing the 8800P, a professional and upgraded version of the 8800C. Contractors can expect to see this paver shortly after the release of New Generation’s initial 8800 machines. Aside from the new professional paver, future plans for the company are wide open. “We’ll go wherever the industry takes us,” says Jeffers. 

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By Priscilla Tsai

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