Asphalt Paver Rebuild Program

New Generation Paving Products asphalt paver rebuild projects begin with high quality, low cost replacement parts for most makes and models of commercial asphalt pavers. New Generation parts are OEM quality or higher at affordable prices. Parts can be delivered to your location or ship your paver to a New Generation rebuild location for diagnosis and rebuild. You decide.

Precision 8-14' Screed
Precision Screeds are designed with safe, high production paving in mind
Adaptable to fit most commercial asphalt pavers.

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We  have been designing, building, and marketing paving products for over 20 years. As we have seen the paving industry take many new directions over the years, we at New Generation are clearly focused on the future.  Our products are designed for the asphalt of today. Learn more about us and our new line of asphalt paving equipment.

Get more info on the ProTec Series Asphalt Pavers and Tack Distributors.

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